Teaching and Learning Conference

Step Up to the Future

Teaching and Learning Conference

27 March 2017
Swalec Stadium, Cardiff
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This year the conference will focus on two themes:

Step up to Digital
The conference will showcase some examples of using digital technologies and techniques in the classroom. This includes the use of open badges, how to successfully engage with blended learning and digital tools for assessment.

Step up to MAT (More Able and Talented)
Ann Lancett will deliver an overview of the new MAT Guidance, including a workshop to consider how the Health Check can be used in colleges. Other workshops will consider study skills and A Level teaching strategies.


Welcome – Huw Thomas (MC for the day)
Opening Conference – Sharron Lusher
CollegesWales Chair and Principal of Pembrokeshire College


Guest Speaker 1 - Jo Cook,
Lightbulb Moment - blends technology and the joy of helping others learn


Guest Speaker 2 – Ann Lancett, Markit consultancy - MAT Guidance




Workshop 1

A. MAT Healthcheck – Pyramid Suite
B. Model Mapping – study skills for learners – Hospitality Rooms 3&4
C. The Digital Classroom – Sytner Lounge
D. A Bilingual Mindset – Hospitality Rooms 1&2


Ministerial Address – Alun Davies AM, Minister for Lifelong Learning and Welsh Language


Guest Speaker 3 – Lee Sharma, Simply Do




Guest Speakers 4 – Esther Barrett, Jisc
Hannah Mathias, CAVC - Digital in FE


Workshop 2

A. Model Mapping – study skills for learners – Hospitality Rooms 3&4
B. The Digital Classroom – Pyramid Suite
C. A Level Teaching Strategies – Sytner Lounge
D. Open Badges – Hospitality Rooms 1&2


Summarise & Finish – Sharron Lusher


Close – Huw Thomas

Chair: Sharron Lusher
Sharron has been involved in further education now for 20 years, and has been Principal of Pembrokeshire College since August 2012. She is the new Chair of ColegauCymru, a member of the CBI Wales Regional Council, and member of the Haven Waterway Enterprise Zone Board.

Sharron is committed to establishing valuable and sustainable partnerships in the best interests of learners. Meeting employer needs in the interests of the economy are critical, as well as ensuring that the College is a community facility, promoting lifelong learning in the interests of community sustainability and cohesion.

Keynote Speaker: Jo Cook
Jo Cook is Director of her company Lightbulb Moment, which specialises in developing, facilitating and training others to deliver great live online training sessions, virtual classrooms, webinars and blended, digital programmes. Jo has a background in teaching, technology and journalism. She facilitates, speaks, writes, blogs and tweets on L&D topics and part-time is the Deputy Editor of Training Journal magazine and website. Jo’s background includes further and higher education, the charity sector, small and large organisations, including CNN News and Bupa International. Jo welcomes you connecting through LinkedIn, her website www.lightbulbmoment.info and on Twitter @LightbulbJo.

Keynote Speaker: Ann Lancett
Since setting-up Markit in 2001, Ann has gained wide-ranging experience as a consultant and facilitator, having undertaken successfully numerous education-related contracts.

Ann recently led the team undertaking the Review to identify provision for More Able and Talented Learners across Wales and as a consequence she supported the Welsh Government team as they developed the MAT Guidance for the FE Sector. As a Specialist Partner she led on work to support schools via their LNF implementation planning for MAT learners. Ann is also a Seren Ambassador supporting the Coleg y Cymoedd hub.

Keynote Speaker: Esther Barrett
Dr Esther Barrett has worked in the education sector for over fifteen years. From teaching literacy and ESOL in the community, she went on to design courses, train teachers and expand learning opportunities on a regional learning network project. As an eLearning advisor with Jisc Wales, she has supported the ACL and voluntary sectors.

Now a Jisc Subject Specialist in teaching, learning and assessment, Esther offers consultancy and training to HE, FE and skills providers across the UK in such areas as digital capability, mobile and blended learning and is closely involved with the digital literacy movement in Wales. Esther has recently been awarded a PhD in Digital Linguistics.

Keynote speaker: Hannah Mathias
Hannah has an MSc in E-Learning and has been working within E-learning since 2004 and also has experience with managing an FE library and eResources, though her background is in Music Technology. Hannah is currently the E-learning Manager at Cardiff and Vale College, but has also worked in HE and the Voluntary Sector. Hannah was a member of the Task and Finish group which produced the “Find it, use it, make it, share it: learning in digital Wales” report and was also a member of the first NDLC membership. Hannah was also a member of the Welsh Government’s Steering Group for ICT.


MAT: Maxine Thomas
Maxine is a very well experienced, known and respected educational professional having worked in the Further Education Sector for 27 years at a senior level. Her whole career has been based at Pembrokeshire College, joining the College pre the incorporation years in 1988. Maxine’s areas of specialism have been the development of learner services, UCAS and safeguarding. Her role has however extended to include the Chairmanship of important sector wide groups, she has been Co-Chair of the UCAS Standing Group in Wales, leading on schools and FE interests for 22 years; she was the former Chair of the ColegauCymru Student Services Network, and Wales Regional Lead for NAMSS. She has served on all the financial support Advisory Groups to the Welsh Government for the last 11 years. She is Chair of the Pembrokeshire regional MAT group, and a member of the Pembrokeshire/Carmarthenshire SEREN executive.

MAT: Rob Evans
Rob Evans is a Vice Principal at Bridgend College. For the last 10 years, he has been responsible for curriculum and quality across the college. He also has executive responsibility for partnerships with local schools and the development of Higher Education at the College. Rob is also an experienced Estyn Peer Inspector and has been nominated for an Institute of Welsh Affairs, Educator of the Year Award.

The Bilingual Mindset: Angharad Lloyd-Williams
Angharad is Director of Bilingualism and Equality at Grŵp Llandrillo Menai, leading on linguistic compliance and integrating Bilingualism across the group.

Previously Chief Executive of Sgiliaith, she is also an expert in training on bilingual teaching methodologies. In her time with Sgiliaith, they won an AOC Beacon Award in 2015 for creating bilingual digital resources. Angharad is passionate about the bilingual digital agenda, and has nearly completed her MA with ColegauCymru on the subject.

The Bilingual Mindset: Dr Lowri Morgans
Lowri is Coleg Sir Gâr's Welsh Language Manger supporting staff and learners alike to have bilingual opportunities at the college.

A great ambassador as a qualified tutor herself, Lowri is able to empower lecturers to give bilingual teaching a go. Working with the learners she encourages and supports them to be able to continue their linguistic as well as academic and or vocational journey.

ColegauCymru won the ColegauCymru award for Best use of bilingualism in 2015.

Model Mapping: Ian Harris
Ian Harris is director of teachinghow2s.com a website set up to give busy teachers 24/7 access to Evidence Based Teaching methods.

An ex teacher, SENCO and deputy Ian spent 11 years working with teacher and student groups teaching them how to integrate the use of graphic organisers into evidence based practice in the classroom. In today’s workshop participants will learn how to (teach others) to model map and how to integrate it into a range of classroom scenarios.

A Level Teaching Strategies: Sara Davies
Sara is the Senior Law Lecturer and Programme Leader for the PGCE in Pcet at Bridgend College, where she has been teaching AS and A2 Law for 18 years. Sara is an experienced examiner for A level law for a major awarding body and is passionate about teaching and learning. She won the Colegau Cymru Teacher of the Year in 2012.

A Level Teaching Strategies: Louisa Walters
Louisa is a lecturer and lead A Level tutor at Gower College Swansea. She teaches AS and A Level Law, as well as contributing to Business and Public Services vocational programmes. She is one of the college’s Teaching and Learning Mentors and regularly mentors new and existing teachers. She works alongside Sara as an A Level examiner.

A Level Teaching Strategies: Peter Reason
Peter is a Quality Manager at Gower College Swansea, with responsibility for leading teaching and learning development. He has over 20 years’ experience of teaching A Levels and has been an examiner for a number of years. As Chair of CollegauCymru’s Teaching and Learning Network he has also been involved in many cross-Wales T&L initiative.

Digital Classroom: Helen Griffiths, Victoria Stockton, Louise Taylor
Helen Griffiths, Victoria Stockton and Louise Taylor who are Teaching and Learning Mentors at Coleg Gwent. From diverse backgrounds, they share a keen interest in digital technologies but specialise in Anatomy & Physiology, Mathematics & Computing and Digital Literacy respectively. In this interactive session you will experience a range of digital tools to enhance teaching and learning and thus create an interactive classroom.

Digital Classroom: Arron Peel
Aaron is a Teaching and Learning Mentor and Lecturer/Instructor in Motor Vehicle in Grwp Llandrillo Menai. Christine Blight is a Staff Trainer and Lecturer/Programme leader for Access and Applied Science.

Digital Classroom: Colin Bevan
Colin is Head of ILT, NPTC Group of Colleges. He has led the collaboration with the Blended Learning Consortium, and is the lead on the Blended Learning Project at NPTC Group.

Digital Classroom: Nicola Brandon
Nicola is a Senior Lecturer for Teaching and Learning in the School of IT. She delivers on the ILT for FE Module and the Blended Learning Module PGCE PCE PCET at the college. She has a particular interest in the redesigning of existing courses to make them blended learning courses.

Digital Classroom: Charlie Hammond
Charlie’s background is predominately in Outdoor Adventure teaching the subject for 20 years in Further Education. He has had a passion for including emerging technologies within his delivery to students which has developed into a now paperless cloud based course. He received a next generation learning award which led to a split role between course leader and a technology enhanced learning (T.E.L) mentor at the college. Alongside this he teaches T.E.L on the PGCE and continues to use the Outdoor Adventure course as a focus for developing the digital journey for CSG students.

Digital Classroom: Jodie Pinnell
Jodie followed a teaching pathway in her professional career after studying at degree and Master’s level in Outdoor Education. She enjoys exploring the development of holistic and organic learning, focusing on the process of education. Linking the work that students are doing on the course to employers needs, their personal interests and transferable skills has enhanced the learner experience and links to the ethos of her teaching practise. Through the use of technology in her current practise, untapped value is emerging and ownership of student’s own learning has been a positive result. She is also currently completing a research project about students on the outdoor adventure course, reflecting upon learning journeys and the factors that can influence this.

Open Badges: Richard Speight
Richard Speight is UNISON’s DigiSkills Cymru Project Manager, hosted by Adult Learning Wales | Addysgu Oedolion Cymru. The project focuses on developing the digital literacies of public service workers across Wales by working with staff, unions and employers to co-design and deliver learning opportunities in the workplace. The project has been at the forefront of the use of Open Badges in accredited and non-accredited workplace learning.

A. MAT (More Able and Talented) HealthCheck

Ann Lancett (Markit Consultancy)

Rob Evans (Bridgend College)

Maxine Thomas (Pembrokeshire College)

This workshop will focus on the recent pilot of the MAT Healthcheck in Bridgend College and Pembrokeshire College. Rob and Maxine will share their respective approaches to completing the Healthcheck and what their plans are now. There will be time to discuss some key areas of the Healthcheck with Ann, Rob and Maxine.

B&E. Model Mapping

Ian Harris - Teaching How2s

This workshop is designed to be a very practical introduction to using model mapping with learners. Ian will explain how this technique engages students in active learning — empowering them to stay the course and succeed.

C&F. The Digital Classroom

You will need to bring an electronic device to these sessions.

AM – Coleg Gwent/GLlM

PM – Coleg Sir Gâr/NPTC Group

AM: This interactive workshop will introduce digital tools and apps that will engage and challenge the learners through fun activities and will demonstrate the use of technology to extend the learning inside and outside the classroom.

PM: This workshop will focus on blended learning and how you can develop this in your own organisation.

D. The Bilingual Mindset

Angharad Lloyd-Williams - GLlM Sgiliaith

Dr Lowri Morgans - Coleg Sir Gâr

An opportunity to hear about innovative techniques and digital models to support bilingual teaching and learning and the integration of Welsh in further education. This session is interactive and inclusive, that will supply you with new ideas and resources for you to adopt.

There will be three parts to this session, with presentations from Sgiliaith, GLlM and Coleg Sir Gâr.

G. A Level teaching strategies

Bridgend College Gower College Swansea

The session will explore some of the key areas of concern highlighted by examiners and suggest strategies to tackle the issues. College teachers who are also examiners will share examples of teaching approaches they use and attendees will be encouraged to share their own ideas. The session will also share approaches to supporting the more able and talented A Level student.

WiFi Network: The SSESwalec – Hospitality
Password: IT20Gu3st*